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SCMS Foundation worked with SIU Simmons Cancer Institute, Springfield Clinic, Memorial Medical Center and HSHS St. John's Hospital.

Please contact our office if you have a patient receiving breast cancer treatment and is in need of assistance.

Alonzo H. Kenniebrew, MD Scholarship Fund

Did you know that the Sangamon County Medical Society Foundation, through the support of a $60,000 donation from the Kenniebrew family and individual donations, has to date provided college scholarships to 38 students who completed the SIU School of Medicine Physician Pipeline Preparatory Program (P4).

SCMS Foundation is currently working with the Springfield, IL Bicentennial committee to ask students through an essay contest, "What will medicine look like in 100 years?"

Please consider making a donation to the Scholarship fund.

SCMS Highlights In Past Years

• Social Reception with members of the General Assembly
• Opportunities to shadow a Legislator for the day
• Medical Students Legislative Day with ISMS
• Working with U.S. Attorney's Office on the heroin and opioid crisis
• Medical Resource Guide
• ISMS House of Delegates hosted in Oakbrook
• Women in Medicine: Work-Life Balance
• Joint Meeting with Sangamon County Bar Association and G.V. Black Dental Society: The Heroin and Opioid Crisis in our Community
• Staff are actively involved in several community programs on behalf of our members
• Membership Discount Card
• Patient Referral Services
• Alonzo H. Kenniebrew, MD Scholarship Fund
• Harmon Scholarship Fund
• Susan G. Komen - Memorial Affiliate Grant
• Welcome New Medical Students Dinner
• Community Health Committee
• Quarterly E-News
• Regular blast emails regarding community, state, and federal topics

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Medical Innovators

Medical Innovators is a program of the Sangamon County Medical Society in partnership with Springfield Clinic, SIU School of Medicine and the Springfield Chamber of Commerce recognizing the scientists, clinicians, and other medical providers working within the Mid-Illinois Medical District on significant medical treatments, clinical trials and/or medical research.

Please take a moment to view the following Medical Innovators as they discuss their research.

Nine Medical Innovators were recognized recently at the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation in Clinical Treatments and Basic Science Research. Five of the Innovators are younger than 40 and received the distinction of "Young Innovator".

A special thank you to our sponsor:

Brandon Cox, PhD was recognized as a 2016 Medical Innovator based on her research in "Cell Regeneration in the Ear to Restore Hearing".

Arun Sharma, MD, MS was recognized as a 2016 Medical Innovator based on his research in "Robotic Surgery in Patients with Head and Neck Center".

Andrew Wilber, Ph.D. was recognized as a 2016 Medical Innovator based on his research in "Cancer Fighting Natural Killer Cells".

Medical Innovators Award Conference

Recently, the Sangamon County Medical Society hosted the 10th anniversary Medical Innovators Award Conference at the Memorial Medical Learning and Innovation Center. The program, established in 2006, has recognized 46 physicians, surgeons, and other researchers working in Sangamon County to improve the healthcare of the community. Innovators from 2006, 2009, and 2013 were invited to share a brief update on the projects honored in those years. The depth of the research and community service demonstrated in earlier years has been maintained and extended in the past decade. Projects involving tinnitus, growth hormone and aging, hearing loss, treatment of soft tissue infections with new, more effective, and safer antimicrobial agents, new treatments for psoriasis, Alzheimer's disease, depression, hemoglobin disorders, and hepatitis C were all highlighted.

Prominent among the previous community service projects was the work of Dr. Judith Knox who had helped lead the Springfield City Council in 2013 to introduce a ban on indoor tanning for persons under 18 years of age. The work has been extended to state legislation and will ultimately result in a great reduction in the incidence of skin cancers among persons who had previously tanned indoors.

In 2016, the innovations have continued. The recognition program was introduced by Dr. Carl Gold, President of the Sangamon County Medical Society. Keynote speaker was Dr. Thomas Anderson, President-Elect of the Illinois State Medical Society. He has been active in ISMS since 1975. After graduation from Harvard Medical School, he became a diagnostic radiologist and currently practices at the University of Illinois Chicago Medical Center.

I served as Master of Ceremonies for the evening and was pleased and honored to recognize the great contributions of the nine honorees for 2016. The included:

1) Tamar Abdelhak, M.D., Associate Professor of Neurology for Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. Dr. Abdelhak has led groundbreaking studies of minimally invasive evacuation of central nervous system hemorrhages.
2) Glen Aylward, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at SIU. Dr. Aylward has updated the Bayley Four Scale of Infant and Toddler Development to define preschool children in the early stages of developmental abnormalities.
3) Brandon Cox, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at SIU. Dr. Cox is studying cell regeneration in the ear to restore hearing, beginning with a model in mice that may translate to human improvements in hearing.
4) Alberto Colombo, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineer with the Division of Urology at SIU. Dr. Colombo is studying nickel-titanium shape memory alloys to provide a simple and safe solution to the widespread condition of erectile dysfunction.
5) John Flack, M.D., M.P.H., Professor and Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine at SIU. Dr. Flack is studying the effects of high dose vitamin D to help treat hypertension in African-Americans.
6) Sabha Ganai, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery, SIU. Dr. Ganai is studying hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) to treat cancer in the abdomen.
7) Michael Neumeister, M.D., Chairman, Department of Surgery, SIU. Dr. Neumeister is using tissue engineering to restore deformities in the face and extremities of patients who have suffered injuries or have required reconstruction because of malignancies.
8) Arun Sharma, M.D., M.S., Assistant Professor, Division of Otolaryngology, SIU. Dr. Sharma is studying the use of robotic surgery in patients with head and neck cancer to allow reduction of tissue injury and the minimization of swallowing abnormalities following such operations.
9) Andrew Wilber, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medical Microbiology, Immunology, and Cell Biology, SIU. Dr. Wilber is studying natural killer cells in the body to help fight cancer. He had previously been honored as an innovator in 2013 for his gene therapy for severe hemoglobin disorders.

A highlight of the program was the presentation by Mayor James O. Langfelder of the Mayor's Innovation Award, granted to Dr. Neumeister as the Innovator of the Year.

The program to recognize innovators in the community has been an ongoing project of the Sangamon County Medical Society. All physicians and other scientists in the greater Sangamon County community are recognized for their great contributions. Such leadership has kept our area in the forefront of medical care in Illinois. We thank all of our sponsors including Springfield Clinic, the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, Illinois State Medical Society, and Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

Donald R. Graham, M.D., F.A.C.P.


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SCMS Dr. Alonzo H. Kenniebrew Scholarship Fund

Sangamon County Medical Society Dr. Alonzo H. Kenniebrew Scholarship Fund congratulates the graduates
of the Physician Pipeline Preparatory Program. "Results Beat All Argument" - Dr. Alonzo H. Kenniebrew

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